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Welcome to IMG

We identify, partner and grow world class asset managers

At IMG, we pride ourselves in bringing back these values, by introducing a new business model that allows boutique investment managers to focus on honing their craft.

Our portfolio
Active multi-asset, offshore, fixed income, credit and money market manager
Active equity and absolute return multi-asset manager
Value equity and multi-asset manager

Who We are

We invest in and partner with South Africa’s best investment talent.

What we do

Independent Vision

We believe that active investment management can lead to consistent outperformance, provided certain elements are in place. A stable environment helps to free investment professionals from unnecessary distractions, offering them independence and aligned incentives towards superior investment performance. Having a clear and consistent investment process, coupled with a high-calibre and experienced investment team focused on investment performance, is also essential.

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Momentum Metropolitan acquires RMI Investment Managers

In a transaction signed on 11 September, Momentum Metropolitan entered into a sale agreement with OUTsurance Group (previously Rand ...

In another tough year for markets, boutiques continue to shine

After the tumultuous pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, we all entered this year with hopes of a respite. However, 2022 has proven to ...

Portfolio Performance and Future Outlook

An overview of our portfolio's performance for the past financial year and our future outlook for 2022.

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